4 B's K-9 Detection Svc, LLC Lancaster County Pa 1-888-399-1478 Beth Voss Certified Bed Bug Canine Handler
4 B's K-9 Detection Svc, LLCLancaster County Pa1-888-399-1478Beth Voss Certified Bed BugCanine Handler

Lancaster County's only CERTIFIED bed bug dog detection team

Beth's Bed Bug Beagles (4bs) is a woman owned independent canine scent detection team based in Elizabethtown Pa. We presently have two certified sisters 13 inch beagles that love to compeat with each other. We do  not exterminate, however we can recomend experts in the bed bug field. We offer a piece of mind to rule out an infestation, or pinpoint a location for your pest management. We are bonded and insured and descrete.  Our service area is all of Pennsylvania and Maryland.  We specialize in residental, commercial, healthcare, educational, government, hospitality, religous, and transportaion industries. Contact us for a FREE custom quote.



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 Jillian M.

I contacted Beth after having a few bites on my foot from an unknown source. Being the paranoid person I am and recently moving into a new home, I wanted to have a professionals opinion before jumping to conclusions. Beth was comforting and courteous on the phone, and arrived at my home the very next day with her business partner and two lovely, well behaved dogs. After explaining to her my situation, she briefed me on the process, answered ask my questions, showed me certifications for her canines and quickly begun the inspection. She walked through my home with her first dog, taking time to cover every corner, closet and outlet. After the first dog found nothing, she asked if she could bring in a second dog for extra assurance. The second dog was walked through the home and found nothing. Beth and her partner then stood outside with me for an additional thirty minutes, discussing my situation and providing tips for prevention and caution. She and her partner DID NOT need to stay longer than the inspection but they did so to provide me with extra comfort and advice. I am so thankful for Beth, her partner, and her two wonderful dogs. I would and will recommend 4B's K9 Detection Service to anyone in need of a canine inspection for peace of mind they provide and their above-and-beyond services. Thanks, Beth!


Our dog team will arive at your location in unmarked vehicles. Our handlers will be dressed in business casual workware to blend in to your enviroment.

We have inspected areas as small as a truck sleeper to as large as a 500,000 square foot warehouse. We provide residental, hospitality, and heathcare custom inspections 24 /7 around your schedule.



Eris and Dakota are sisters that were adopted and trained at Ironheart High Perfomane Working Dogs in Kansas. They are certified by National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association and both handler and dog recertify annualy with the strict guidlines. Before chooseing a team, ask to see CERTIFICATION and verify it! www.nesdca.com